Honey Harbour Tennis Club


The Honey Harbour Tennis Club is an autonomous club made up of members of the Honey Harbour Assocation. It offers tennis programs, tournaments, and social opportunities from May through October.

We are always working on improving our Tennis Club facilities.  After the successful completion of the drainage project in 2011, and the resurfacing of both courts prior to the end of June, 2012, we took a rest in 2013.

Our membership has continued to grow, exceeding 50 active families.

During the week the courts are used by several different player groups.  On Monday and Friday mornings we continue to have pick-up games from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Any member can come and play during those times. It’s a great opportunity to meet and play with a variety of members.

Our Round Robin events continue to be extremely popular. Carrie Sullivan, and Janet Howell are responsible for organizing these events. For 2014, the Saturday Round Robins have tentatively been scheduled for June 21st, July 19th, August 23th.

Please see our bulletin board, and calendar of events for updates on the above.

I’d like to thank the Executive, on behalf of the members and myself, for their great efforts, commitment, and dedication. 

We look forward to seeing everyone “On the Courts”.


Carolyn Heron


To contact the Honey Harbour Tennis Club, email cherron599@gmail.com.


Membership to the HHTC requires that the individual or family be paid members of the HHA. Membership initiation for the HHTC is $500 either paid in whole, or in two instalments of $250 (one at the time of joining, and one in the following spring).  Annual dues are an additional $100 for a voting member with a $20 fee for each spouse and/or child wishing to join.  Guest fees are $5/day (honour rule) and are paid as an addition to the following season's annual dues. 

For further information and/or membership inquiries, please email us directly, or through the contact us form.

Volunteer Luke Smith to Lead Junior Tennis Program for Honey Harbour Day Camp on Wednesdays

To sign up, email or text Luke at 416-528-1615.  Sign up sheets are also posted at The Schoolhouse next to the tennis courts for those who are interested. 

For the remainder of the summer, Luke will be offering various tennis clinics, as well as private and group lessons. Here is a quick summary of what is being offered:


Adult Clinics - $15 per hour

Adult Clinics will be offered for an hour each Wednesday. Luke will be teaching tennis students how to improve technical skills and team playing skills. These lessons are capped at eight (8) players for an hour. Limited one-on-one instruction, but it is a good chance to pick up some pointers and tips and hit a lot of balls.


Cardio Clinics - $15 per hour or $20 per hour and a half*

Cardio Clinics are optimal for those who are looking for a good workout and a lot of hitting. This will consist of lots of fast paced drills and lots of movement. There will be a ball boy pick up balls constantly so drills will last longer than usual, allowing a longer more intense work out. These lessons can be booked by emailing or texting Luke and are available at both Luke’s cottage at Governor Island and The Schoolhouse tennis court in Honey Harbour. Lessons will be capped off at six (6) players and will be 


Doubles Strategy Clinics - $10 per hour*

Doubles Strategy Clinics are for those who have got a developed game and want an edge over their opponent, or even for those just looking to improve their doubles game. It will consist of round robin doubles point play. Before the point play I will give players some points to focus on. Luke will be walking around observing points and giving pointers and tips. Attendance will be capped at eight (8) players.


Hitting Lessons - $40 per private lesson, $30 per semi-private lesson*

Hitting Lessons are for advanced players who are looking both to rally and to learn. Lukewill be hitting with the player and instructing, instead of feeding and instructing. This will better simulate a point play situation and give the player a bit more of a challenge. These can be both private and semi-private, however private lessons would be optimal as it would allow the most one-on-one time. Hitting lessons are available both at The Schoolhouse tennis court and at my private court at Governor Island. 


Private and Group Lessons

Private and Group Lessons are great for anyone looking to develop their tennis game and have some fun. They are very flexible, as they are open both to kids and adults and consist of a variety of fed ball drills, games and point play. Players can decide what they would like to work on, or Luke can chose an area of their game that needs work on. These lessons are best for groups of four (4) and under but manageable with up to five (5). Private and Group Lessons are available both at The Schoolhouse tennis court and at my private court at Governor Island. 


*Rates are per player

**Children's lesson (-$5) per child