2018 AGM


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Please join us for the Honey Harbour Association AGM, Community Meeting and BBQ at the Schoolhouse. The AGM gives our members an opportunity to be up-dated on the HHA, hear guest speakers and mingle while enjoying a BBQ. 


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Approval of Minutes of July 15th, 2017

  • Financial Statements and Appointment of Reviewer

  • Committees and President’s Reports

  • Election of 2018 – 2019 Directors

  • Other Business and Adjournment


  • Georgian Bay Association – Rupert Kindersley, Georgian Bay Land Trust – Bill Lougheed,

  • Georgian Bay Forever, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

  • Georgian Bay General Hospital – Sara Lankshear, Director


  • Municipal Election 2018 – Jessica Gunby, Clerk, T of GB; Chair Klinck, Councillors, Candidates

  • Emergency Preparedness – Stuart McKinnon, Commander, Muskoka Paramedic Services;

  • Chad Dowell, Deputy Fire Chief, Township of Georgian Bay

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View 2017 Hoots Financial Statement

View 2017 Day Camp Financial Statement




Saturday, July 15th, 2017, 9:30 a.m. – at the ‘Schoolhouse’ near Pleasant Point

Saturday, July 15th, 2017, 9:30 a.m. – at the ‘Schoolhouse’ near Pleasant Point

We would be delighted if you could join us for our AGM and Community Meeting. It will be your opportunity to get up-to-date on HHA activities, hear Presentations, meet our many guests, enjoy a BBQ lunch, and even see a movie. Everyone is welcome. 


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes of July 16th, 2016
  • Financial Statements and Appointment of Auditor
  • Committees and President’s Reports
  • Election of 2017 – 2018 Directors (see below for Nominating Report)
  • Other Business and Adjournment


  • 2018 Election, Voters’ List, Township of Georgian Bay – Jessica Gunby, Clerk (A)
  • Guardian of the Bay – Bob Duncanson, Executive Director, GBA


  • Georgian Bay Association, Georgian Bay Land Trust, 
  • Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, Georgian Bay Forever, 
  • Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council, others
  • Township of Georgian Bay, District of Muskoka, Province of Ontario


SHOWING of Striking Balance – TVO series exploring the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve


View PDF of AGM Agenda

View the Minutes of the 2016 HHA Annual General Meeting

Financial Statements

View 2016 Financial Statement

View 2016 Day Camp Financial Statement

Honey Harbour Association

Nominating Report July 2017

Al Will Recording Secretary

Based on our by-law, Director appointments are intended to be for a three-year commitment with a maximum of three, three-year terms before a Director is required to retire from the board for at least one year. From a governance standpoint the intention is to allow for the continuity and corporate memory any organization requires while still ensuring a healthy turnover on the board, and the introduction of new people with fresh ideas, skills and diverse backgrounds. Of course, for any number reasons any individual Director may not be able to complete a three year term while others will be able to remain for multiple terms.

Directors retiring this July include; Tom Twigge, Larry Enfield, Alan Waffle and Kathy Kay (who resigned in the fall of 2016.)

Returning Directors not requiring election this year are:  Michael Dymond, Jennifer Roy, and India Stone, who are entering the third year of their current term, and Anne Marie Grigaitis, Glenn Purcell, Murray Rideout, Diane Ross-Langley, and Imre Zalan, for their second year. 

Returning directors requiring election this year, as they are at the end of their current three year term, are: Kathryn Davis, Tim Pawlowski, and Peter Koetsier. 

The Board of Directors of the Honey Harbour Association is recommending the slate of candidates listed below for election to its Board for terms starting the summer of 2017.  Please read their biographies to become familiar with these prospective Board members.  We believe this slate brings broad range of experience, knowledge, talents and professional skills to the Board along with a strong desire to serve the Honey Harbour community through the Honey Harbor Association.


Bill Cooper

  • Cottager in South Bay, Honey Harbour for 24 years
  • Joined the HHA Board in 2013
  • Took a year off in 2016 
  • Currently spend Spring, Summer, Fall and part of the winter enjoying the area
  • Business Manager of US and European Companies operating in Canada
  • Currently President and CEO Espera/ Cooper Canada 
  • Managing director of Niverplast NA Inc.
  • Would like to encourage more Association members to participate in the process ofHHA initiatives and development

"Bill has a great track record in recruiting new members, getting sponsorships from local businesses, helping to fund raise for the BOOM sailing program & day camp, and is our king of hospitality for Association events. "  Welcome back Bill.  Al Will


Sue Maynard

  • Georgian Bay is family. It is a place where extended family and friends spend time together – Grands, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a place to be protected, enjoyed and shared.
  • I have been coming here for more than 42 years – but - I am a “married to Georgian Bay” cottager. I am one of the spouses who never have enough experience to drive the boat or know where the best picnic spots are. Some of us will never be true “Georgian Bayer’s” in someone’s mind.
  • I have worked extensively both in the corporate and volunteer sectors.  Prior to retiring, I was a Financial Planner specializing in employment retirement programs. Throughout my career, I have always been involved in the volunteer work.  Most recently, I have been on the Board of Directors and President of the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Barrie and District. I am also involved with Georgian Bay Hospital, and the Midland Golf and Country Club.
  • As a member of the Honey Harbour Board of Directors, I am interested in the preserving this space for all – now and in the future. My areas of particular interest include - environment, water quality and the various Georgian Bay Associations 

"Sue has been very active with the association working behind the scenes for a number of years giving leadership to the Nominating Committee. We look forward to your skills and passion by joining us on the Board"   Al Will


Heather Will

Our family grew up cottaging in Waubaushene and we made the leap to Honey Harbour about fifteen years ago.  My husband Neil Davidson and I share our home with a new and energetic yellow lab puppy (Lexie) and a rather unimpressed elder orange cat (Ginger).  We live in the west end of Toronto in Etobicoke and trek up highway 400 regularly to visit my parents Helen and George Will and extended family in the Midland area.  

Last year we donated our sailboat Moderation for the “Introduction to Sailing Day” and as staff accommodation for the BOOM Sailing Program.  Look for her dark green hull on the water or moored at the cottage and give us a wave!  In my teenage years I was a Counsellor for a variety of YMCA camps and a Synchronized Swimmer.  Synchro has come back into my life as an Ontario Judge and I recently dived back in the water on a Master’s team.  We are much more relaxed as adult athletes and look forward to our weekly round of “water therapy”.

Professionally, I work in Aerospace and have an MBA from McMaster and a B.Sc. from Western. I’d like to become your new Treasurer and help expand the winter patrol program.  Many properties are boat-to access only and the peace of mind offered by such a program is important for those of us who go six months between closing and opening cottage visits.

"The Board was excited to hear the I recruited a new Director who has offered to stand for Treasurer. Heather (my niece) represents the next generation in our family to get involved in the Association".   Al Will


Geoff Baker

  • Born, raised, and currently lives in Vancouver
  • Purchased cottage in North Bay in 2006, wife Beth is from Waterloo
  • Graduated from UBC with Bachelor of Applied Science in 1978
  • Worked for Water Management Branch of BC Ministry of Environment 1978 – 1986
  • Work for private sector in land development since 1986
  • Would like to work in support of the local community


Kathryn Davis

  • A life-long cottager in Honey Harbour, with family vacationing here over 100 years.
  • Background in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, small business management and recently working in corporate team building.
  • Was president of the Junior Honey Harbour Association many years ago and would like to continue to give back to the community.
  • Has worked on the Honey Harbour Association Board for the past 3 years on the Phragmites Student Ambassador Program, commonly known as “The Phrag Busters”.


Tim Pawlowski

  • Honey Harbour four season cottager since 1996.
  • Insurance Business professional.
  • Director of Honey Harbour Community Church Inc.
  • Chair of Building Committee and Operating Committee.
  • Key long term issues are water quality and water levels.
  • Objective as a board member is to assist with the replacement of the deck and docks of the Schoolhouse for the enjoyment of all HHA members.


Peter Koetsier  

  • Cottager in Honey Harbour since the 60’s
  • Family association with and supporter of HHA and HHCCI since the 70’s
  • 5 years on HHA board, 4 as President
  • Treasurer of Georgian Bay Land Trust
  • Executive committee member of Georgian Bay Association
  • Director of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve
  • Treasurer of Talk Is Free Theatre
  • Member of Township of Georgian Bay Committee of Adjustment
  • Co-Chair of Honey Harbour Save Our Schools committee
  • Vice-President, Administration of a Barrie manufacturer past 28 years
  • Desire to support and protect Honey Harbour and Georgian Bay for future generations


Executive Positions

According to our By-Laws the Membership elects the Members to the Board of Directors. Subsequently the Board appoints the Executive. 

For your information, the following Directors and Proposed Directors have agreed to let their name stand for the following positions:

  • President Peter Koetsier
  • Vice President Tim Pawlowski
  • Treasurer Heather Will


Non-director volunteer positions for the coming year:

  • GBA rep Alan Waffle
  • Hoots Editor Kathy Kay
  • Secretary – Legal Larry Enfield
  • Recording Secretary Al Will 



2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Honey Harbour Association will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at The Schoolhouse.  

To All Members, Associates, and Friends of the Honey Harbour Association:

The HHA will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, July 16th, starting at 9:30 a.m., at the ‘Schoolhouse” on North Bay of Honey Harbour. 

Please review the minutes of last year’s meeting, the 2015 financial statements and reports from many of our groups and committees.

We hope to post the report of the Nominating Committee quite soon. We will be proposing five new directors as well as one returning director to join the nine directors elected last year for multi-year terms.

While all are very welcome, please note you must be a member in good standing five days before the AGM in order to vote. For those unable to attend, we have attached a proxy with which you can authorize someone else to vote in your stead. So please consider this a reminder to renew your membership for 2016, if you have not already done so. We will certainly accept renewals on the 16th, with thanks (though officially you will not be eligible to vote at the AGM).   

We have a good number of guests who would like to share information about their organizations with you. We are also expecting members of our Township Council to be in attendance. All plan on staying for our BBQ lunch, for some one-on-one conversations about our unique and valued community.

This year we will be asking everyone to make a $5.00 contribution for their lunch, with all proceeds in support of our Day Camp. 

Thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 16th.

Your directors.



To All Members of the Honey Harbour Association:

The HHA will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, July 11th, starting at 9:30 a.m., at the ‘Schoolhouse” on North Bay - Honey Harbour.  We look forward to seeing many of you at that time.

As you can see from the agenda, we have much to present, and so plan on starting the meeting as promptly as possible.

Please review the 2015 Hoots for the minutes of last year’s meeting, as well as the financial statements and reports from many of our groups and committees.

The report of the Nominating Committee should be completed soon. We will be proposing five new directors to join the ten offering to continue their service.

While all are welcome, please note you must be a paid-up member in order to vote at our meeting. For those unable to attend, we have attached a proxy with which you can authorize someone else to vote in your stead. We will also take this opportunity to remind those who have not yet done so, to please renew your membership in the HHA for 2015. Renewals will be accepted on the 11th. 

You will note that we have guests who have asked for the opportunity to speak with you. We are also expecting some of our local Council to be in attendance. All plan on staying for our BBQ lunch, for some one-on-one conversations.

We invite all of you to join us for the BBQ lunch, hosted by your directors. Please join us for fellowship and conversation. This year we will be asking everyone to make a $5.00 contribution for their lunch, with all proceeds in support of our Day Camp.

Thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 11th. Your directors.



Annual General Meeting (AGM) July 2015

The Honey Harbour Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held this Saturday, July 11th, 2015, 9:30 a.m. at the 'Schoolhouse'.


Fire Safety and Protection Services – Jim Boswell, Fire Chief


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes of July 12th, 2014
  • Financial Statements and Appointment of Auditor
  • Committees and President’s Reports
  • Report of Nominating Committee
  • Election of 2015 – 2016 Directors
  • Other Business and Adjournment


Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve  -  Rebecca Pollock, Communications Manager

Georgian Bay Association  -  Bob Duncanson, Executive Director

Georgian Bay Land Trust  -  Bill Lougheed, Executive Director

Georgian Bay Forever  -  David Sweetnam, Executive Director




AGM Minutes of July 12, 2014 – subject to approval by HHA members


Peter Koetsier (Chair) called the meeting to order at 9:40 AM and welcomed members, guests and recognized Mayor Larry Baird and Councilor Paul Wiancko


Recording Secretary Al Will noted more than the required quorum of 24 was present.


M/S Al Hazelton/David Puttock

That the minutes August 17th, 2013 be approved as circulated.              


 Financial Statements

John Elgar (Treasurer) referred members to their copy of HOOTS that contained the financial statements. He addressed:

·      Page 12 and spoke to major revenue sources and disbursements. He noted the $5,000 for water testing was not spent and deferred to 2014.   

·      Page 14, the legal funds is adequate at some $18,000 and sees no need to increase the fund at this time

·      Page 15, the water testing fund is stable for the moment

·      Page 13 Day Camp: The camp has been increasing its losses over the past 3 years and needs both increased and stabilized attendance and some fund raising this year. Income for the wake boarding camp was included in the camp fees

M/S John Elgar/Larry Enfield

That the financial statements be approved as printed.                                  



Norm Buchanan  addressed the financial statements for the Honey Harbour Community Church Inc. (owners of the property and the school house) and referred people to page 16 of HOOTS and noted:

·      No disbursements from the building fund so it grew from by $2,599 from $59,868 to $62,467

·      The maintenance fee of $40 comes from each HHA member (donation for income tax credit)

·      Largest expense items are maintenance contract with Big Red Works and for insurance

·      No motion required

Annual Report

Peter (Chair) Highlighted the Work & Results of the Various Committees

 Day Camp

 L Lisa Harding  presented on behalf of Jenny Roy and mentioned:

·    Flyers, Raffle and Fun day

·    Negative $6,525 last year

·    Councilor Paul Wiancko suggested applying to the township for a recreation grant to which Lisa replied that we would

·    Thanks to all the providers of the lunch today following the AGM and donations will be welcome towards the day camp fund raising efforts

·    Looking for someone to take on fund raising for the day camp

·    Other suggestions from members were noted and will be taken under consideration be the camp volunteers. Comments included:

o  Lower rates, maybe discounts for multiple children/grand children,

o  Promotion and delivery of canoeing, swimming lessons & tennis (some members were not aware of current programming)


The regatta report is in HOOTS and this year’s event is scheduled for Saturday August 2nd

 Tennis Club

 Carolyn Heron  reported:

  • August 16th for Moonlight Madness
  • Contact volunteers are Sandy Patterson and Debbie Hartshorn

 Church Services

Cam Shaw invited everyone to our weekly church services and noted the corn roast and concert on August 3rd


 Peter referred members and guests to page 98 and 99 for the report from Bob Duncanson of the Georgian Bay Association. $45 from each membership goes to the GBA. Paul Percheson has stepped down as one of our representatives and Peter Koetsier has replaced him, Alan Waffle also serves on the GBA.

 Building Report

Tim Pawlowski reported on:

·      New septic tank and tie in to the septic bed

·      Other repairs and the occupancy permit

 Governance Committee

 Peter recognized Al Will as Chair of the Governance Committee and the creation and approval of some policies noting the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Code of Conduct and by-law revisions.

 Winter patrol

 Stephen Murch opened the discussion on the winter patrol, comments from members and Stephen included:

  • Concern that not all members could find tags indication service, there should have been 3 punches
  • Particular concern in the area south and east of Webber Island en route to Gagnon Bay
  • Cell phone picture might be quicker proof with time and date stamp yet the contract calls for getting out to inspect the buildings.
  • Only cottages with 911 reference numbers listed in HOOTS are inspected. Please submit your numbers if you want service
  • Will need to compare our current costs of around $25/member against enhanced services
  • It was a difficult winter for patrolling & getting near many properties
  • By a show of hands about 40% of those present would be interested to pay more ($50 mentioned) for enhanced service


Peter recognized Kathy Kay for her leadership with the publishing of HOOTS. Kathy reminded everyone that communications is a 2-way street and the Board encourages your input.

 Membership &


Lisa Harding  reported:

  • Trying to get e-mail addresses for increased communications
  • Looking to increase membership numbers and improve services
  • Thank you for your response from the survey, it is helping to set board direction
  • Reporting on behalf of Andrew Severs
    • New website
    • Other family members or non-members could be added to an e-mail alert list to notify people of website updates
  • Suggestion to add cottage phone #’s to HOOTS listing – need to add a line on the membership application “Permission to post etc…” re freedom of information


Tom Bain referred people to articles in HOOTS on both water quality and septic systems :

  • Increase in levels of phosphorous
  • Unsuccessful with grant submissions for water testing
  • Excellent seminar coming up on August 11th, hosted by the Township of Georgian Bay

 Municipal Liaison

Peter thanked Al Hazelton and Tom Bain for many years of service, Peter and other Directors will continue to try to make this work.

 HHCC Inc.

Tom Bain reported:

  • Bat proofing is now complete at an actual cost of $3,400 compared to a budget of $10,000, thanks to a contact from Tim Pawlowski
  • Cost of new septic tank and tile bed repairs was less than $10,000, thanks to Al Hazelton  for working with contractors to satisfy the township

 Honey Harbour Book Project

Peter & Kathy  reported:

  • This is a fund raiser to help complete the school house
  • Need to sell 200 pre-purchase orders, now just over 100
  • $14,000 budget, contact Kathy Kay or Mary Lou Justason

 By-Law Review

Larry Enfield (Secretary/Legal)  lead the discussion:

  • John Keyser recently sent a few suggestions that have been added, they are 3.10 Administer Affairs, 3.11 Expenditures and 3.12 Borrowing Powers. All 3 are current in the existing by-laws – this is not a change, just omitted in the draft new by-law.
  • Membership issue is a compromise. Members today reiterated much of the discussion from the Governance Committee and the Board over the past 12 months
  • Members raised points re senior family members passing on ownership to the next generation and then no longer able to be members, other points re grand children
  • Opposing view to opening membership is the opinion that we should be a rate payers association only
  • Some concern over new term limits for Directors , but members were reminded that retired Directors can continue to serve on committees, as volunteers and could return after a year off
  • We need to do a better job promoting Associate benefits

 M/S  Larry Enfield/ Stephen Murch

“That Bylaw #2 be approved as presented in advance of the meeting with the inclusions (mentioned above) of sections 3.10 Administer Affairs, 3.11 Expenditures and 3.12 Borrowing Powers.”                                      


(3 Opposed)

 Peter thanked everyone and commented that membership is always a work in progress. Note: To add membership discussion to future surveys.

 Retiring Directors

 Peter recognized the service of those Directors not running for re-election and thanked them all for their service, he noted:

  • Al Will retiring after one year but staying on as Recording Secretary (not a Director).
  • Paul Percheson after 8 years, serving on the GBA but now working out of the country
  • John Elgar after some 9 years in working tirelessly in various capacities including membership, HOOTS, advertising and as Treasurer
  • Tom Bain  for some 23 years contributing very significant time, expertise and monetary donations especially to the new School House & Church and his passionate concerns for septic system improvements, water quality and the Environment
  • Al Hazelton for serving 12 years as President and the face of the Honey Harbour Association, plus 8 more years prior to that as a Director

 Nominating Committee Report

Peter  reported on behalf of the Nominating Committee Chair Stephen Murch:

  • 3 calls for any other nominations from the floor
  • Hearing no new nominations, declared nominations closed

M/S Peter Koetsier/ Bill Parton

That the slate of Directors be elected as Presented, alphabetically;

Bill Cooper, Kathryn Davis, Jane Dunker, Larry Enfield, Lisa Harding, Carolyn Heron, Kathy Kay, Peter Koetsier, Cary Ledingham, Stephen Murch, Tim Pawlowski, Andrew Severs, Cam Shaw, Jill Ukrainec, and Alan Waffle (15)



M/S John Elgar/Al Hazelton

 That Jeff Patterson be appointed as Auditor for the coming year.   Carried

 Actions of Directors

M/S John Maynard/Anne Marie Grigaitis

 That the actions and proceedings taken by the Board of Directors of the HHA since the last Annual General Meeting are approved and ratified.     Carried

 Thank you to Directors

 Armin Grigaitis thanked the directors for their work over the past year.

Other Business

 Issues of other Georgian Bay organizations

Tom Bain raised some points of concern that all organizations that are passionate about the bay and water level issues need to work together and sort out in disagreements in private.

 Speed Limit

Near Delawana

 Mark Dymond raised a concern about speed limits in Honey Harbour now being enforced. The Chair and the Board were not aware of the issue but Lisa Harding agreed to add it to the next survey and for the board to address it.

Love Your Bay

Brian Mills, a summer placement student for the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve invited people to look at the material on the deck and attend a Love Your Bay event this summer.

 Golf Tournament

Tim Pawlowski  announced that there are only a few spots left for the Aug 12th tournament to raise funds for the Huronia Hospital in Midland


M/S Cam Shaw / Lisa Harding that the meeting be adjourned.


Guests were invited to stay for a couple of guest speakers:

  • Janet Lougheed from the Georgian Bay Land Trust
  • Jessica Gunby on election information for the Township of Georgian Bay
  • The nine declared candidates were introduced to the members
  • Colin Dobell of Stop the Drop & Stop the Invasion (against phragmites)



AGM - 2013 Minutes/Financials/Committee Reports/New By-Laws

To All Members of the Honey Harbour Association:


Recently you received notification of our upcoming Annual General Meeting and the Agenda for that meeting.


One of the first items on that agenda is the approval of the minutes from last year’s meeting. Please refer to pages 23 through 35 of the 2014 Hoots for those minutes.


Next on the agenda is the review and approval of the financial statements. You will find these statements on pages 12 through 15 of the 2014 Hoots.


Some committee reports will follow in later emails and postings. In the Hoots you can find reports from the Honey Harbour Club (the Day Camp), the Tennis Club, the Church, the Regatta, and the GBA.


A copy of the new By-law can be found here, as well a memorandum highlighting the significant changes from our current by-law - here.


We would appreciate your review of the above. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thank you.  Your Directors, Honey Harbour Association.



2014 AGM!

To All Members of the Honey Harbour Association:


Please accept this as confirmation and notice of our Annual General Meeting to be held at 9:30 a.m., Saturday July 12th, at the Schoolhouse property in North Bay, Honey Harbour.


This year our meeting will include a review of proposed up-dated version of our by-laws, as well as annual reports and the election of our directors for the up-coming year.


More back-ground information will be sent to you and added to our website over the coming week in preparation for the Annual General Meeting of our Honey Harbour Association.


In addition, we will have a presentation from the Georgian Bay Land Trust, as well as information from the Township of Georgian Bay in regards to the October municipal election.


Our meeting and presentations will be followed by a BBQ, to which we will invite all the candidates hoping to be elected in October. More information to follow soon.  


The 2014 AGM agenda can be found here


We hope many of you will be able to join us for this important event.  Thank you.  Your Directors, Honey Harbour Association



2014 AGM - Proxy

Members of the Honey Harbour Association:


We will be holding our 2014 Annual General meeting 9:30 a.m., July 12th at the Schoolhouse property. At this meeting, there will be a number of votes taken.


For as long as most members can remember, voting was always done by a show of hands. Hopefully that will be the case again for 2014. However, last year voting cards and paper ballots were used, primarily because we had more candidates than usual express interest in serving as a director. As of this time, 16 days before our AGM, we are not in that position. But we will be prepared if a formal election process is again requested by our members.


Please note that to be eligible to vote, you must be a paid-up full member of the Honey Harbour Association at least five days before the AGM. (If you have not yet paid your fees this year, please do so right away.)  You can do this by clicking here.


If you are not able to attend, and wish to have someone else vote on your behalf, you must complete a proxy. We have attached a form for your convenience.


Thank you very much. We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our AGM.  Your directors.