The Honey Harbour Community Church holds weekly services on the Schoolhouse grounds starting at 10:30 a.m. on select Sundays through the summer and fall.  For more information, download the church schedule.  

Need Directions to the Church by Boat?  Download Map 

Sports clothes are in order.  Sunday program, including children's program.  Please stay for the coffee and fellowship after the services.  We are supported by weekly offering and donations which are tax deductible.  We welcome people of any denomination to join in a beautiful outdoor scenery for worship each Sunday.

O, Honey Harbour. You take my breath away! There was a time I was afraid to look at you, but here you are again, awakening. Some of us saw you sleeping, a soft and wintry sleep; we were watching purity at rest. Most of us see you waking, to your greater glory, your sparkling waters, lush green vegetation, friendly sounds of birds and breezes witnessing to something even more lovely, and we reach out to connect to you. From where did your beauty come? The fire ball? The muck? Who made you, so alive? Impossible chance? And who designed you, inviting us to discover more of you and never tire of looking at you day by day?

This is where I want to be and to be with my family and friends, here with you, away, to breathe in your fresh and flora aromas and soak in your warmth and wealth of generosity to me. Who are you? Tell me, so I can thank you. We have shared so much, 1 year, 10 years, 50 years or more, together, from your wild times, to your soothing caresses, even a haunting that lingers. In the quietness do I hear you admitting in perfect honesty, “I am not my own.”? And if this is so, I must look behind your scenes and scents to find the One who made you so. I can revel in you, but I really cannot thank you, Honey Harbour; I must go to your Maker for that.

Yet I muse with you in my longings, that if your Maker made you so fine, maybe He can make me also. I don’t shine like you. I don’t offer myself so generously as you. So maybe, like you, He can put beauty in me and then I can restore beauty in the lives of others who meet us here, because your Maker is also my Maker – another thing we share.

I see you are the window beckoning to me to look, the open window to connect. In the church, my eyes opened and my ears unstopped, I am answering your refrain, “I, Honey Harbour, call, meet with us here now”. Wow! What days these are together!
— D.H.Creates

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us