Governance Committee


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee has been working hard to update the policies that guide the HHA.

As policies are approved by the Board they will be posted here.

donation and sponsorship policy - 2015/05/17

From time to time the Honey Harbour Association (HHA) is asked to support various initiatives for sponsorship or fundraising such as an area hospital fundraiser, or supporting environmental work/research, or for HHA marketing exposure such as participating in Canada Day Celebrations or the Wooden Boat parade.

Download our Donation and Sponsorship Policy

Retiring Director and Volunteer Recognition Policy - 2015/04/21

Policy outlining acceptable recognition and term limits of Honey Harbour Association Directors and Volunteers.

Download the Retiring Director Recognition Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy - 2013/10/05

It is important to make sure that any support being given by the Honey Harbour Association is not in conflict with our mission and values.  

Download our Conflict of Interest Policy

Code of Conduct Policy - 2013/10/05

Our Code of Conduct for all Honey Harbour Association Directors and Volunteers is important in maintaining the Honey Harbour Association's long standing reputation for community service and balanced representation.

Download our Code of Conduct