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The renewal period has now ended for the 2020/2021 season. Neither renewals nor new memberships will be allowed until the spring of 2021. Have a safe and happy winter!
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Do you have your Hoots and new Map Yet?

Stephanie Roll  | Published on 7/26/2020

Do you have your Hoots and new Map Yet?

The 2020 Honey Harbour Hoots and your new free map are available for pick-up at various locations throughout Honey Harbour.

In addition, we also have larger maps suitable for framing available for $40. All our locations will have several copies if you would like to purchase one.

Please call or E-mail in advance (maybe a day before) to pick a time convenient to both.


With the ReMax office closed in Honey Harbour the following 4 volunteers have agreed to be distribution sites.

Village Marina

(Patrons of Village Marine, can pick up their copies from Diane)

Mike Dymond , 416-575-3248

IS 1120 Georgian Bay Cottage # 2.  The island is just south of Tonch’s point off of Beausoleil. Or Northeast of Cedar Springs campsite. The cottage has 6 solar panels.

Sharon Silverthorn ,416-435-2083

10272 GBS - Pleasant Point near the Schoolhouse

Al Will , 905-869-8639

15178 GBS,  on the mainland behind Powwow Island looking north into Good Harbour on Webber Island. Brown Boat house.

Every member is entitled to a HOOTs and one small map.

You can order additional small maps $20 (tax included) extra HOOTS $20 (tax included) or large maps $40 tax included on line in advance.

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