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Located at The Schoolhouse near Pleasant Point in North Bay, the Honey Harbour Day Camp is a wonderful outdoor daycamp for children ages 5-14 that operates July through August, Monday to Friday from 10am-3pm.  Registration is available for day, week, or all season.  All programming is conducted by YMCA trained counsellors with our co-operative relationship with the YMCA Camp Kitchikewana.

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  • swimming
  • outdoor games
  • canoeing
  • arts & crafts
  • sailing

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2018 HHA Day Camp

Day Camp has come to a close this year. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's camp a success. See you next year!

Full Week of Day Camp: July 2-6

Week 1 of Day Camp is chock full of fun! Learn new skills like canoeing, diving and more. The theme for this week is Camp Spirit. 

Learn to Sail Full Week of Day Camp: July 9-13

We are learning to sail during week 2 of Day Camp! Sailing only happens twice per summer, so don't miss out on this exciting week of fun! 

Full Week of Day Camp: July 16-20

Week 3 of Day Camp is gonna be awesome! Learn new skills like ropes, canoeing, tennis and more. The theme for this week is Around the World in 5 Days so get ready for adventure! 

Full Week of Day Camp: July 23-27

Week 4 of Day Camp will be chock full of fun! Learn new skills like canoeing, tennis, diving and more. The theme for this week is Olympics.

Full Week of Day Camp: July 30-August 3

We've got lots in store for Week 5! We'll be learning outdoor living and regatta skills, as well as knot tying, tennis, swimming and more. Week 5 Campers will even be invited to sleep over! 

Full Week of Day Camp: August 6-10

Week 6 is all about adventure! We'll be embarking on a legendary crossing of North Bay, plus learning new skills like tennis, diving and more. 

Learn to Sail Full Week of Day Camp: August 13-17

We are learning to sail during week 7 of Day Camp! Sailing only happens twice this summer, so don't miss out on this exciting week of fun!

Full Week of Day Camp: August 20-24

What a way to end the summer but with a Spectacular Summer Send Off! This week Campers will learn lots of new skills, have a BBQ and even produce their very own Talent Show. 

Daily Rates for Day Camp

No worries if you can't spend a whole week at Day Camp. Single day Campers get to learn new skills, have fun and make new friends. Come visit us this summer!

Entire Summer of Day Camp: July 2-August 24

Spend all summer having fun at Honey Harbour Day Camp! Get 2 weeks FREE when you register for 6 weeks. That's 8 full weeks of learning new skills and making new friends. 

If you wish to register by mail, you may print the registration form and waiver and mail them to the address shown on the form, along with a cheque. 

A Message From Jenny Roy, HHA Day Camp DIRECTOR


Why would you want to send your child to a day camp in the summer, at the cottage?  This is often a question that is posed to me about our Honey Harbour Camp. Other than the simple answer that our camp is fun, I looked into the definition of “DAY Camp” I came across this explanation and I feel that it is a wonderful way to explain our amazing offering:

Day camps teach children an abundance of skills that they can utilize. Campers are able to learn independence through day camps because children are going to be responsible for changing themselves, making sure they are aware of where their belongings are and deciding what they want do during daily activities. Day camps educate children on new and self-determined skills that they are able to garner from trained counsellors, camp professionals, and their camper peers. With the set of new skills that the child has from day camp they are also able to gain courage for trying new things (Wikipedia.ca).


Opportunities to play outside are widely recognized by child development professionals as exceptional places for children to move more, sit less and play longer (Position Statement for Active Outdoor Play).  Camp means just that, and, on Georgian Bay -- a spectacular environment that reaches the hearts and minds of our families -- is the best place for our kids to experience the fun of what Georgian Bay has to offer.  The pictures and testimonials from our kids over the years describes how the Honey Harbour Day Camp gives children a sense of community and a connection to the environment that we all love. Most of all outdoor experiences in nature, such as our Day Camp, educates young people on how to discover their talents, interests and values more extensively than in other settings such as school (www.earthplay.net).

Join the many families who have enrolled their children in day camps during the summer so that they have creative, supervised, and fun community-building experiences during the day.   Our camp not only fosters emotional, social, physical and creative growth, but also stretches traditional Georgian Bay experiences to include a better understanding of our greater ecosystem.  We provide various interactive activities such as art, music, science, nature or sports. We also pride ourselves with the wonderful interactions of YMCA role model counselors that come from Camp Kitchikawana to work with us. The bonus is the friendships created between campers!     

For questions about Day Camp, please email me.




Jenny Roy, Director of Day Camp


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Introducing Hannah Wickenheiser, our New Lead Counsellor

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Hannah Wickenheiser and I am incredibly excited to be the Day Camp Coordinator this summer! For a little intro about me, I am currently working on getting a B.A. in International Affairs along with a double minor in Political Science and Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In my spare time, I like to go for runs, listen to music and read! I’m hoping this summer will be filled with A LOT of swimming and many MANY dance parties! My own personal goal for the summer is to jump in the lake at least once everyday! I am simply counting down the days till this fun packed summer finally begins! Whohoo!


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Thank You, from the Honey Harbour Day Camp! 

We, the Honey Harbour day camp, would like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people who help build and support us on so many different levels.

The donations, the financial contributions and the extra volunteering have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated! With this type of support we are able to continue our mission of supplying a wonderful day camp for the children in our beautiful Honey Harbour community. 

Learn-to-sail CanSail

The Honey Harbour Day Camp will be hosting Learn-to-sail CanSail two weeks this summer: the weeks of July 9th-13th and August 13-17. There will be no extra cost for our campers! Spaces are limited so get your registration in EARLY! 

All youth over age 7 will have the opportunity to try sailing if they want. Camp staff and sailing coaches will offer a bit of sailing or a lot of sailing depending on camper interest. Teens might opt for the evening Teen/Adult program.  Please contact al@alwill.ca if you have further questions.

View last year's Sailing Report and see how much our sailors learned!

Learn more about Sailing lessons for children and teens in Honey Harbour.

A Typical Day at Honey Harbour Day Camp

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A Typical Day at the Honey Harbour Day Camp is filled with enjoyment and fun! From the moment our campers step onto the dock to the moment they get in their boats to go home, everyday proves to be a different and exciting adventure! Based on our weekly themes, we begin our morning with some introductory games to get everyone warmed up for what lies ahead. We then transition into our daily craft, giving the campers the artistic freedom to express themselves in a judgment free zone. After clean up campers are able to have some organized “awesome time”, where they choose between different activities based on their interest for the day. Once we eat our bagged lunches, our afternoons focus on taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings! Campers have the opportunity to engage in small daily swim lessons, where they acquire the ability to swim more confidently in the lake. Each lesson ends with free swim time on the Lilypad or a trip over to Little Divers to show off their craziest jumps! We finish our day with a camp wide game such as Stones, Capture The Flag or the highly requested Man Hunt. Once we are all exhausted, we head home for the night to get some much needed rest so we can be our silly, unique and creative selves all over again tomorrow! Written by Rachel Funston-Clarke ~ Lead Honey Harbour Day Camp Counsellor 2015. 

What a Typical Day at Camp Might Look Like 

  • 9:50 – 10:10 - Welcome to Camp! (Icebreaker games and attendance)
  • 10:30 - Swim skills/lessons
  • 11:00 - Awesome Time! (Free time to choose between land games, arts and crafts or swimming)
  • 12:00 - Lunchtime!
  • 12:30 - Camper Choice 
  • 1:00 -  Weekly canoe skills
  • 1:30 - Free swim with Lilly pad!
  • 2:00 - Camp wide game!
  • 2:50 -  Pack Up/Back Pocket Games 
  • 3:00 - Home Time

Location: Old Schoolhouse property in North Bay (access by boat only)
Registration: Available by day, week, season, or a package where days fit your summer schedule. 

Testimonials From Our Campers


What camp means to me… from the mouths of campers last day of camp in August Summer 2017.


“What camp means to me …

  1. Tennis
  2. BBQ
  3. Talent show
  4. FUN!
  5. No electronics!”

Kate D.,  Age 8


“What camp means to me … I love seeing my friends and camp counsellors. I love being outside and swimming. Camp is my favourite place.” 

Sarah R., Age 11


 “What camp means to me….

  1. camp is lots of fun!
  2. The camp leaders are cool!
  3. Camp is amazing!
  4. They keep us busy with fun things!
  5. Camp is better than school!

Madison M.


“What camp means to me… fun, games, friendship and cool stuff!”

Wesley C., Age 8


“What camp means to me ….

  1. Camp to me means friendship.
  2. Camp to me means games.
  3. Camp to me means freedom.
  4. Camp to me means FUN!”

Maddie C.,    Age 11


“What camp means to me…..Honey Harbour Day camp is Lots of fun… There are so many ways to have fun at camp… manhunt, swimming, sardines, SLIME!!!!! Today is the last day of day camp of 2017 Aug… All of the camps I go to are all so fun, this one stands out a lot…. After a while it becomes a lot of fun and you can meet new friends and more new friends…  It’s so hard to say goodbye… YAY DAYCAMP 2017!!!”

Duncan G., Age 9


Honey Harbour

Our community is a small, special and very unique place for each of us who live here. Anyone who visits or stays, leaves being able to tell many amazing stories about the ‘bay’. We are all a part of this special place, and we all call it our ‘happy place’ or a version of.  This special place, is a part of who we are and what look forward to each summer!! Attending the Summer Day camp helped my children fall in love with the ‘bay’ and makes them excited and wanting to come back year after year. The Honey Harbour Day Camp joins with Kitchikawan, a YMCA camp, to give us the best team needed for our day camp.

We join with Kitchi because of their mission, vision and values!

The YMCA Mission

The YMCA is dedicated to the growth of all persons in spirit, mind and body, and to their sense of belonging to each other and the global community.

The YMCA Vision

The Y inspires people to reach their full potential

The YMCA Values

Caring, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Respect, Responsibility.

WE are excited to see you this summer!

How to Get Here

The Schoolhouse near Pleasant Point is only accessible via boat. Here is a map to our location in North Bay, Honey Harbour.