The Georgian Bay Association has provided a helpful pamphlet of suggestions to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their time on the Bay. These guidelines include safety information, tips for enjoying a quiet Bay, respecting the land and protecting water quality. The following is a brief overview of the pamphlet, which is available here:

Safety Information

  • Anchoring location and lighting.
  • Rules of the "road" for marine safety.
  • Speed limits and wake to ensure safety for swimmers, other boats, avoiding dock damage, and preserving shoreline habitat.

Tips for a Quiet Bay

  • Enjoy the quiet. Please be mindful that sounds travels easily across the water.
  • Bay activities are fun and exciting but may disturb your neighbours.
  • Rafting etiquette. When possible, stay out of sight and earshot of your neighbours.

Respecting the Land

  • Respect private property, refrain from trespassing and obey all signage.
  • Dogs must be leashed, as shorelines have endangered and threatened species.
  • Preserve public lands. Check rules and restrictions of the area, keep it clean and remember to pick up after pets.

Water Quality

  • Use environmentally friendly soaps and cleaning products.
  • Avoid bathing directly in the water, even environmentally friendly products can be harmful to the water.
  • Be sure to maintain cottage and boat sewage systems.

Fellow Georgian Bay lovers share your concerns about privacy and the environment. Talking with your neighbours and sharing these community guidelines will help everyone enjoy their time at the Bay.