A new local food guide has been created by the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve to help our community find local food producers. 

Buying local food has numerous benefits for the quality of our food and environmental impact, and it is crucial in supporting our community's farming families and local businesses. Supporting local food keeps food production close and helps with the following:

  • Ensures top quality taste and freshness 
  • Protects the environment from unnecessary transportation, pollution, and extra packaging
  • Teaches our families where food comes from – Produce has a long story before it gets to large chain grocery stores!
  • Connects you with the people who produce what you eat

It's satisfying to know where our food comes from and helps us to make healthy choices. Top quality ingredients help to make nutritious and delicious meals. Local food can be enjoyed year round from our community's producers. In-season food can also be purchased and frozen to enjoy later.

The new Local Food Guide: Grown on the Bay includes information on our local farmers' markets and features stores, restaurants, and nearby stands listed by township. It helps you find which local producers are closest to where you live and work, includes descriptions of products sold and their contact information. The local directory can be viewed and printed here, and a convenient interactive map can also be found by clicking here.

Our new food guide will help you find and support local businesses and strengthen our incredible community. If you are a local grower or harvester in the Parry Sound / Muskoka area and would like to be included in the directory, please send an email with your information at info@gbbr.ca. For more information on local producers in the Parry Sound / Muskoka region, visit Savour Muskoka's website: http://www.savourmuskoka.com.

Bon Appétit!