The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve offers a free program for homeowners who want to reduce their ecological footprint. The Life on the Bay Stewardship Program is a hands-on workshop that discusses practical ways to decrease your environmental impact on the Bay. 

By hosting a Stewardship Program party, you and your friends or neighbours will be lead through an environmental review of the host's property. Over the course of the two hour workshop, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve staff will discuss various ways to reduce your impact on the Bay and offer additional information, practical suggestions, and property changes where necessary.

The Stewardship Program offers a detailed informational guide, available to view and download by clicking here. This guide is designed for home owners on the Georgian Bay and inland lakes, offers specific information for waterfront property owners, and includes other helpful resources. Reviewing this guide is an excellent start in learning how to improve your property. Topics include: land and water construction information, improving water and waste systems, gardening and landscaping techniques, living with wildlife, storing fuels and chemicals, as well as water based recreation and sustainability. 

For more information on hosting a Stewardship Program party, please contact the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve at: 705-774-0978, or by email at