Watch: Kathryn Davis Presents at H2O 2018

At H2O 2018, Kathryn Davis gave a talk on her journey battling invasive Phragmites in her shoreline community of Georgian Bay. Watch the video below.

Kathryn spoke about acquiring resources first with her Honey Harbour cottage association and then with other partners like Georgian Bay Forever, the Georgian Bay Township, and Federation of Ontario Cottagers. This is one of 5 presentations on Phragmites that day.

Climate Change

Also presenting was Dr. Shannon Carto from the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO). Dr. Carto spoke about Climate Change and it's impacts right now globally, in Ontario and on the Great Lakes. She spoke about your environmental bill of rights and the role that municipalities can play in mitigating future greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climate. Watch the video below.

We thank the ECO, a really important watchdog for the environment over the last 25 years. The Ontario government just announced they are cutting this office.



Muskoka Fire Ban Continues


Muskoka-wide fire ban continues 

(Muskoka, ON) – On Thursday July 5, 2018 the Muskoka Fire Chiefs upgraded the fire danger rating to EXTREME. Throughout the entire District of Muskoka, all open air burning and fireworks are prohibited until further notice. This past weekend, municipal fire departments across Muskoka responded to numerous burning complaints. This means that some Muskoka residents and visitors are either not aware of the fire ban or not taking the fire ban seriously. 

The District of Muskoka is designated as Wildland-Urban Interface, meaning that the region has residential and commercial structures surrounded by forest fuels. Hot temperatures and the lack of moisture over the last few weeks has created favourable conditions for wildfires. It takes very little to start a hazardous fire in these conditions – an ember from a campfire, effect from fireworks, improperly discarded cigarette or a spark from a train can quickly start an uncontrollable fire. 

The Muskoka Fire Chiefs and Prevention Officers are pleading with residents to be vigilant and report any open air burning or fireworks in their area during the fire ban. To report an issue, contact: 

  1. Daytime - Monday to Friday: Municipal Offices during office hours if the fire is contained. If the fire is out of control call 9-1-1 immediately. 
  2. Afterhours - evenings and weekends: Check with your municipality as procedures differ. If the fire is out of control contact 9-1-1 immediately. 

If you are burning during the fire ban you may be charged under the by-law and receive a significant fine and/or be charged with the expense of the vehicles and personnel attending the fire. 

For more information, contact Chad Dowell, Deputy Fire Chief, or (800) 567-0187 x. 255

Information from the Township of Georgian Bay.



2018 AGM

HHA agm.jpg

Please join us for the Honey Harbour Association AGM, Community Meeting and BBQ at the Schoolhouse. The AGM gives our members an opportunity to be up-dated on the HHA, hear guest speakers and mingle while enjoying a BBQ. 


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes of July 15th, 2017
  • Financial Statements and Appointment of Reviewer
  • Committees and President’s Reports
  • Election of 2018 – 2019 Directors
  • Other Business and Adjournment


  • Georgian Bay Association – Rupert Kindersley, Georgian Bay Land Trust – Bill Lougheed, 
  • Georgian Bay Forever, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve
  • Georgian Bay General Hospital – Sara Lankshear, Director


  • Municipal Election 2018 – Jessica Gunby, Clerk, T of GB; Chair Klinck, Councillors, Candidates
  • Emergency Preparedness – Stuart McKinnon, Commander, Muskoka Paramedic Services; 
  • Chad Dowell, Deputy Fire Chief, Township of Georgian Bay





View 2017 Hoots Financial Statement

View 2017 Day Camp Financial Statement



Canada Day Festival on June 30th


On Saturday, June 30th, the HHA will have a booth at the Canada Day Festival in downtown Honey Harbour.

Stop by and say hello to our Student Ambassadors and Phrag Busters Connor Sweetnam and Katelyn Nowocin. They have been mapping phragmites and paying dock visits to local residents to spread the word about this invasive species.

Happy Canada Day!



Looking for New Directors

The HHA is looking for new Directors!


As a Volunteer Director, you'll get the opportunity to grow your leadership skills, become more involved in the community and take on new challenges that help us grow our membership.

The Board of Directors is comprised of HHA Members of all ages and levels of experience. You'll be able to work within an area that interests you, and you'll be asked to participate in several Board of Directors planning meetings held throughout the year.

Our active committees currently revolve around the following areas:

  • Advertising & Marketing (print & digital)
  • Community Liaison
  • Day Camp
  • Environment (Phragmites)
  • Membership Engagement
  • Winter Patrol

If interested, please contact Peter Koetsier at



Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off

Do you have old boat batteries laying around the cottage shed? Dried up aerosol cans from that painting project? Empty propane cylinders? 

Now you can safely get rid of that clutter by taking it to one of several Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off locations near Honey Harbour.

The Baxter Transfer Station is the nearest HHW Drop-Off, located at 908 South Bay Road in Port Severn. They accept the following waste items:

Automotive waste - aerosols, antifreeze, auto fluids, brake fluid, cleaners, fuel, lead acid batteries, motor oil, paint and solvents.

Household related waste - all cleaners, batteries, bleach, cooking oil, disinfectants, medicines, paint, polishes, pool/hot tub chemicals, propane campaign cylinders, soaps, stain removers and waxes.

Yard and garden - fertilizers, fungicides, fuel, herbicides, insecticides, oil, rodenticides and pesticides. 

Maintenance related waste - adhesives, caulking, deck cleaner, glues, paints, solvents, stains and wood preservatives.

Mercury products - fluorescent/LED, CFL light bulbs, thermometers and thermostats.

Pharmaceuticals and needles - medicines, pharmaceuticals, needles and sharps packaged in a hard plastic sealed container.

NOTE: smoke detectors should be placed in your regular garbage bin (except the batteries). Microwaves and small metal appliances should be disposed of as scrap metal at any landfill or transfer station. 

For a complete list of drop-off locations and dates in The District of Muskoka, view the PDF.



2018 Hoots Pickup


Come to the Schoolhouse on Saturday, May 19th from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon to pick up your copy of Hoots.

Each Full Member is entitled to one copy. Additional copies can be purchased for $20. 

Commencing May 21st, you will be able to pick up your Hoots at ReMax Baywatch in Honey Harbour until June 4th.

To reduce mailing costs for the Hoots, we encourage you to pick up your Hoots during the above mentioned dates if possible. You may also contact one of the HHA Directors to arrange an alternative pickup.



Are You Septic Smart?

While your septic system may not be the most exciting thing about cottage living, keeping your septic properly maintained is important for the well being of your family and the environment.

Brought to you by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Septic System

Learn these simple steps to protect your home, health, environment and property value.


Protect it and inspect it

DO: have your system inspected every 3 years by a licensed contractor and have the tank pumped, when necessary, generally every 3 to 5 years.


Think at the sink


pour cooking grease or oil down the sink or toilet

rinse coffee grounds in the sink

pour household chemicals down the sink or toilet


Eliminate or limit the use of garbage disposal

Properly dispose of coffee grounds and food

Put grease in a container to harden before discarding in the trash


Don’t overload the commode


Flush non-degradable products or chemicals such as feminine hygiene products, condoms, dental floss, diapers, digarette butts, cat litter, paper towels and pharmaceuticals


Dispose of these items in the trash can!


Shield your field


Park or drive on your drainfield. The weight can damage the drain lines

Plant trees or shrubs too close to your drainfield. Roots can grow into your system and clog it


Consult a septic service professional to advise you of the proper distance for planting trees and shrubs, depending on your septic tank location


Don’t strain your drain


Concentrate your water use by using your dishwasher, shower, washing machine and toilet at the same time. All that extra water can really strain your septic system


Stagger the use of water-generating appliances. This can be helpful especially if your system has not been pumped in a long time

Become more water efficient by fixing plumbing leaks and consider installing bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators and water-efficient products


For more information about septic systems, click here to download the SepticSmart PDF



Waiting for Spring

A little more patience will be required this year before cottage opening can begin. 

Anne Marie shared this photo, taken on the morning of April 7 from the Honey Harbour marina. 


Spring is NOT in HH just yet! This is North Honey Harbour on the morning of April 7. Still a good bit of ice out there.



What’s My Cottage 911#?

Example of Cottage 911# identification plate.

Example of Cottage 911# identification plate.

If you are a cottager or resident staying in a water-based community, it is important to know your Cottage 911#.

Knowing your Cottage 911# helps first responders locate you in case of emergency, and displaying it helps us locate your cottage during Winter Patrol.

How to Find Your Cottage 911#

You can find your Cottage 911# on your property tax bill.

Example of where to find your 911 Number on your tax bill.

Example of where to find your 911 Number on your tax bill.

You can also contact Lauren Millar at the Georgian Bay Township Planning Department.

Cottage 911# Identification Plates

You can order an identification plate at a cost of $40 from the Township. This helps emergency response and the HHA Winter Patrol easily locate your cottage.

To order your plate, please call 705-538-2337 x 263, or email Lauren at

Attach your Cottage 911# plate to a rock, tree or post that is near your dock and highly visible from the water.

To learn more, visit the Township of Georgian Bay website.



FOCA AGM Presentations on Invasive Species

The FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Spring Seminar was held on March 3rd, 2018.  Heather Sarjeant, representative of Georgian Bay Forever, presented on behalf of the Honey Harbour Association. 

The presentation on local invasive species highlights the need to continue the fight against Phragmites. Along with Georgian Bay Forever, our goal is to help raise awareness of Phragmites and other invasive plant species threatening our waterways and to educate people about how to avoid the accidental spread of these invaders via boat or by other means. 

To view the presentation, click here.



Help Wanted


Every year, we get better and closer to our goal of eradicating this plant from our shorelines.

However, the fight is not over.

Summer 2018 Phrag Busters

This year we are looking for a hands on volunteer to take on the Phrag program in Honey Harbour.  Click here to learn more.

The Georgian Bay bigger picture

To support ongoing Phragmites eradication efforts around all of beautiful Georgian Bay, as well as water quality protection, and solutions to mitigate water level extremes, please donate to Georgian Bay Forever (GBF). GBF is a charity that relies almost entirely on the generosity of individuals, just like you! GBF is hopeful that you see the value in protecting The Bay, and will consider contributing a tax-receiptable gift to protect the water and shorelines of Georgian Bay.  Visit to learn more and donate.

Thank you again Honey Harbour community for your outstanding efforts to help protect the shorelines. Click here to read more about all of the families and friends who helped last year.



Sailing Week Success!

Our sailing week at Day Camp was a huge success, and many thanks to those who helped make it possible!

The last day of sailing camp on Friday July 14 was highlighted with a couple of races. There were five boats racing four of which had three crew and one boat of only two sailors.

The winds were light which creates its own challenges. At the start of one race a boat got its rudder caught on the start line marker/buoy which added extra confusion and fun. Just at the start our skippers and crew did a great job by gybing away from the boat in trouble and then tacking back across the start line. This happens with the best of fleets and sailors.

During the week there were 25 different campers in the day camp with 20 of whom participated in the sailing program. Included in the picture are the two Ontario Sailing coaches Mitch (in Orange) with Cate in front wearing her PFD with Lauren the Camp Director beside Mitch giving the thumbs up for a great week.

This camp wouldn't happen without the generous support from our donors who contributed $6,000 so sailing could be part of our day camp experience at no extra costs for families.

- Al Will, HHA Sailing Coordinator

2017 Sailing School

2017 Sailing School



Moonlight Madness


Join us on Saturday, August 19 from 8:30 pm - 1 am at The Schoolhouse for Moonlight Madness. BYOB and catch up with friends young and old. All are welcome!

Cut loose on the dance floor to the music of Straight Shooter! Win raffle prizes! Bring money for tickets, as the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning!

Tickets to the party are $15 in advance and are available at Thrive Foods, The Hive and through HH Tennis Club members. Tickets are $20 at the dance. 

All proceeds go to the Honey Harbour Tennis Club.



Georgian Bay Hardcover Book Now Available

All of us who spend time around Georgian Bay know how special it is, but chances are most of us don’t know the whole story. The Georgian Bay Land Trust set out to create a book that would tell that story, bringing together the environmental, historical, and cultural sides of Georgian Bay to fully explore what makes this area so remarkable.

Georgian Bay: Discovering A Unique North American Ecosystem contains chapters by archaeologists, ecologists, historians, geologists, and more, taking the reader on a journey from ancient geological history to present day communities. From the early peopling of the area during the last ice age, to the birds that call Georgian Bay home, to the landscape’s role in Canadian art and culture, there is something for everyone to learn about this special place. 

This beautifully photographed, hardcover book is on sale for $60. $10 from the sale of each book will support the Honey Harbour Association, with all remaining proceeds supporting the Georgian Bay Land Trust’s work conserving wilderness on Georgian Bay. Orders may be placed at for pickup at the 2017 HHA AGM on July 15th.

View book chapters, contributors and more information about the book.



Striking Balance Documentary Viewing

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is excited to present the documentary Striking Balance at 4 different locations. 

Come to our AGM on July 15 and stay for a viewing of the documentary! Or catch one of the other viewings that will be going on this summer, from Honey Harbour to Point au Baril.

The afternoon matinees will include a product tasting with GBBR beverage sponsors, Georgian Bay Spirit Co. and Trestle Brewing. On July 31st, there is a cash bar at the Stockey Centre.

Tickets are FREE on Eventbrite or at 11 James St.

View a full list of viewing locations below:



2017 Hoots Pickup!

Pick Up Your Copy of 2017 Hoots!

2017 Hoots will be available for pickup Saturday, May 20th at The Schoolhouse from 10am-Noon.

View Map to Schoolhouse

If you are unable to pick up your Hoots on that date, you can drop by Remax Baywatch (across from Honey Harbour Town Centre) from May 21st - June 4th to pick up your copy.

Please contact Kathy Kay to make alternative arrangements at


Want to Purchase Additional Copies of Hoots?

Members and non-members can purchase copies of Hoots online now or by contacting Kathy Kay.

Additional Hoots

Order additional copies of the Honey Harbour Association's official yearbook, Hoots.  Full members get one copy per membership.  Additional copies are $20 each.

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