The Honey Harbour Association is a non-partisan community based organization. We do not endorse particular candidates in political elections, nor have we authorized any use of our membership data base or email lists by any candidates or political organizations.

As most of you are aware, there are up-coming municipal elections all across Ontario on October 27th. For the Township of Georgian Bay election, you will be able to vote by mail – packages were sent out by the Township last Friday, September 26th, and so you should see yours in your mail box shortly. If you do not, you are encouraged to contact the Township to ensure that you are on the Voters List.

The Township of Georgian Bay website (Election tab under Your Gov’t.) is quite helpful – . Alternatively, you can phone the Township office at 1-800-567-0187 ext. 231 or 705-538-2337 ext. 231. You must be a Canadian citizen over 18 to be allowed to vote, and either a resident of the Township, or a property owner (including spouse). Unfortunately, our American members and neighbours are not eligible to vote for their favourite candidate in this election.

We cannot encourage you strongly enough to vote. For the first time since the creation of the Township, Honey Harbour has its own ward – Ward 4. The new Ward 2 now includes the Georgian Bay coast north of the Honey Harbour area up to Twelve Mile Bay. In this election we have the opportunity to elect a Ward Councillor as well as a District and Area Councillor to represent the coastal Georgian Bay wards, 2 and 4, at the District of Muskoka level. And, of course, we can vote for our Mayor.

Up for election as Councillor Ward 4 are Stephen Jarvis and Kathy Kay. For Ward 2 Pat Edwards and Tracey Fitchett are running. The candidates for District and Area Councillor Wards 2 & 4 are Peter Cooper, Peter Corbiere, and Ian MacCrimmon. For Mayor, the three candidates are Larry Braid, the incumbent, Louise Rivett, a current Councillor, and James Walden, Mayor during the 2006 – 2010 term.

The Board of Directors of the Honey Harbour Association are not endorsing any particular candidates. We are very appreciative that the individuals noted above are willing to serve our Township, and we are quite willing to work with whoever is elected. Some of our Directors are supporting particular candidates, but that is their individual decision.

If you receive any correspondence from any individual or group in regards to their recommendations as to who should receive your vote, please consider their reasoning very carefully. But also please remember that the Honey Harbour Association is not endorsing any particular candidates.

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about each of the candidates and their platforms. Some have websites for your review. Contact information for each candidate is available on the Township of Georgian Bay website. There will be a second All Candidates Meeting on Saturday October 4th, 1 pm at the Mactier Arena Community Hall (upstairs).

Please consider carefully which candidates best deserve your vote.

Thank you very much. Your 2014 – 2015 Board of Directors.



Peter Koetsier, President               Kathryn Davis             Stephen Murch

Jane Dunker, Treasurer                 Lisa Harding               Andrew Severs

Larry Enfield, Secretary                Carolyn Heron            Cam Shaw

Tim Pawlowski, Vice-President     Kathy Kay                   Jill Ukrainec

Bill Cooper                                     Cary Ledingham          Alan Waffle