Dear Association Members,


Kathy Kay, our hard-working publisher of the annual HOOTS, has offered to edit and publish a coffee table book (one you will enjoy reading over a period of time) of the very best and most interesting articles published in bygone HOOTS, back as far as the 1930's.


We need to have 200 copies pre-ordered and paid for before she can go ahead.  We are doing quite well with pre-sales but are appealing to our members who have not signed up to do so as soon as possible.


The books will only cost $35.00 each if pre-ordered.  This price does not reflect the total cost because we have received a generous donation from an anonymous person to subsidize the actual cost. Next year the price will be $45.00 (or more). Net proceeds will be donated to the Honey Harbour Community Church building fund.


If we do not reach our goal..... we are not even thinking we won' will be returned. 


These books would make excellent gifts for anyone who has ever had a connection with Honey Harbour or who may not live here anymore.  What memories will be evoked!


Please contact Mary Lou Justason at 705-756-2972 or by e-mail at to order or for more information.


Mary Lou Justason



P.S.:  If anyone has any copies of the HOOTS from before 1935, please contact Kathy Kay ( . If an article from one of your very old copies is used in the coffee table book, a free book could be yours.  Thank you.