The sun is shining, the temperature is above freezing and it now looks as though we might have a spring – I was worried there for a while!

The Hoots is mostly done – all except for the final proofing and then the printing! It should be ready well before the Victoria Day weekend. It seems there is always so much going on this time of year, and so I am happy to have the major task of pulling the Hoots together finalized and for that, I want to thank Pam Cook for doing the layout, and Lisa Harding and Al Will for their assistance in reviewing the drafts.

Now I am in the process of gathering information and articles for the next issue of the HHA Newsletter – which I would like to get out to everyone the first half of April.

Please send me articles or pictures you would like considered for inclusion. Ideas are always welcome.

If anyone has items For Sale or items they want to Purchase, looking for Summer Help, or offering Handyman work, please let me know as there will be a section in the Newsletter for these notices.

Please ensure your content is sent to me by March 25th.

Thank you


705 427-5277