There are several recent developments with HHA Winter Patrol that we would like you to be aware of, so please be sure to read through this full announcement.

First of all, after nearly 30 thirty years of service, our long-time patroller, Jamie Hewitt, has decided to pass the torch this year. Jamie has had a long run with the HHA Patrol and we want to thank him very much for his many years of service, and for the assistance he continues to provide during this transitional period. We will look forward to recognizing Jamie for his efforts more formally at our AGM in July.
Taking over the HHA Winter Patrol duties this year is Colin Fraser. Colin is a Honey Harbour resident and comes well recommended to the Winter Patrol. He has a great knowledge of the area and is already familiar with many of our Member's properties from his years of working with local Contractors.

We are also in process of introducing new technology to the Winter Patrol. We are implementing the Qridit Home Watch, QR Code based system for tracking our site visits and reporting to our members.

The old familiar vinyl tag will be replaced with a credit card sized, scannible, QR code tag. Simply scanning with a smartphone app allows us to track the time and location of the visits and generate a brief report, including a picture of the property to be forwarded to our members. In the event of damage we will be able to provide more extensive reporting to our members.

The system also provides a greater level of safety and security for our Patroller, as it allows us to clearly track the time and location of each site visit.

The Qridit Home Watch system we are using has been developed locally by Quick Reports Systems, based in Severn River, Ontario. Developed originally for their own Severn River Cottage Watch business, Quick Reports is now providing a technology solution for property inspection and maintenance services across Canada and the USA. We are very pleased to have them almost in our backyard and working very closely with us as we roll out the new system. A more complete description of the QR System and changes to HHA Winter Patrol will be available in the 2015 Hoots.
Please look for a Welcome email from QRIDit Home Watch Edition in the near future. Some of you may already have received one. Please follow the simple instructions to log in and set up your personal account to receive reports and information from the HHA Winter Patrol. Don't be put off by the "no reply" sender address which is simply a necessary function of the system software.

We have also established an email address specifically for the HHA Winter Patrol at Please use this address for questions or other information on the Winter Patrol Program.
Finally, please note that with the change of Patroler this year we were unable to complete the first round of inspections that we normally do just prior to freeze up. With better ice conditions finally setting in recently, Colin started his first site visits this past week. Many of you will soon receive QR reports from those inspections. If not I will endeavour to send an email to advise the date your property was visited.
Please bear with us as we roll out our new systems and bring these exciting and important upgrades to our Winter Patrol Program.

Best regards,
Stephen Murch
Director - Winter Patrol