We started our late winter property checks for the HHA Winter Patrol on March 11th and will complete them this week. Many of you will have already received reports, through our Quick Reports system, or notification by email that there is a report on your property check waiting. Most others should receive a notification by email by March 22nd when I am able to process all the reports received from the field this week.

We are well along with the implementation of the Quick Reports system and bringing on our new Patroller, Colin Fraser. Colin has been doing an excellent job. He comes to us with an excellent knowledge of the area and has been working with me and in the field to correctly identify all of our Member's properties and how best to reach them safely, effectively and efficiently.

The response from our members that have logged-in and received reports through the QR System has been very positive. When fully implemented it appears we will be very well able to meet our objective for enhancing the Winter Patrol Program service to our members.

We did have some technology issues on our first round of inspections using Quick Reports, in February, but those have largely been resolved for the current patrol. We are now getting a high percentage of successful reports generated on site with photos attached. Where, for any reason, we have not been able to generate a report within the QR System we have implemented a back up procedure for the March round to get an email notification of an site a visit with photos to our members in a timely fashion. 

Please watch you In Box or possibly your Spam filter for a Welcome or Notification email and follow the links to view your report. Please also contact me at the email address below if you have any questions. In the relatively few cases were we have been unable to locate or otherwise provide a Winter Patrol report, I will try to contact you directly in the next few weeks to address the issues.  

Best regards,

Stephen Murch

Director - Winter Patrolhhapatrol@gmail.com