Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) is planning two workshops entitled “Removal and Management of invasive Phragmites” to help Georgian Bays coastal wetlands. Several of our very own volunteers from Honey Harbour attended last year's workshop and came away with valuable knowledge which helped in our efforts to eradicate a large Phragmites stand near Bide-a-Wee.

The workshop is to help protect the precious ecosystems of Georgian Bay by combatting invasive Phragmites, a type of grass that is taking over wetlands and choking growth of native, often endangered species of plants and aquatic animals.  View our Phragmites Fact Sheet.

Last year, with your help, over 8000 kilograms of Phragmites were removed from Georgian Bay! We need your help to do even better this year – the goal is to remove 2x as much!

Please come and share your findings and the activities that took place in your community last year and help us to plan and prepare for this year.

(there may be a follow up article after this workshop is over sharing some findings and possibly stories from last year’s community events.)

Space will be limited. Please let me know by return email by Friday January 10th how many are attending (limit 2 per invitee), which day, and what region of Georgian Bay you represent.

The two dates and locations for the workshops are:

  • Toronto (location TBD): Saturday April 16th (9.30 am to 2.30 pm)
  • Collingwood (location TBD): Thursday April 21st (9.30 am to 2.30 pm)

Topics and issues proposed will include (also open to your suggestions):

  • Summer 2015 success (and difficulties) stories, lessons to be learned
  • The threat this plant poses to wetlands, and current state of the fight (GBF)
  • Identifying invasive Phragmites vs. native Phragmites (GBF)
  • How to establish a phrag-busting community group (GBF and group discussion)
  • Mapping (GBF)
  • Planning - tools, timing, resources (GBF and group discussion)
  • When and How to do the cut in wetlands (GBF)
  • The commitment (GBF and group discussion)

There is no charge for this event. Georgian Bay Forever is a small non-profit charity that works to protect and enhance the waters of Georgian Bay. Your donations help to support projects like invasive phragmites training, education and eradication in Georgian Bay. Please visit our website ( to learn more about us and consider giving to GBF.

Looking forward to seeing you there and please remember to email me your confirmation information.

Aid for Local Groups Organizing Phrag Busting Events

Georgian Bay Forever currently has capacity and funding available to help local community groups planning Phragmites eradication events (cutting, digging, hauling and responsible disposal) around Georgian Bay.  If you would like their assistance, email or and someone will put you in touch with them.  Be prepared to provide your name, email address and location on the Bay as well as a general description of the size, age and location of the stand of Phragmites that you wish to eradicate.  Also provide a photo of the stand of Phrag that you wish to eradicate to help organizers prioritize and to better understand the nature of your challenge.