We had a fantastic week and produced some great sailors. One grandmother reported that Charlie came home on Thursday afternoon and said "This was the best day of my life - ever!"

First of all I'd like to thank our sponsors and donors who donated funds or services to make this week possible at no extra costs to the participants and their families: Rob Vandervelde (Woods Landing Marina), Armin & Annemarie Grigaitis of Re/Max Baywatch Realty, Heather Will, George & Helen Will, Al & Pam Will, Laurence Becker, Rob & Michelle Krizmanich. Peter & Wendy Koetsier, Terry & Jill Ukrainec, Leo & Marilyn Parwicki, David Wingfelder, Bill & Ethel Cooper, Larry & Charlene Enfield, Cathy and Cam Shaw. (I apologize if I missed anyone). I would also like to thank the Board of Directors for supporting the notion that sailing would be included at no premium costs to participants.

This program occurred during Week # 2 of the summer. In 2015 we only had 2 youth registered in day camp. During this sailing week we had a low attendance on one day of 13 and high attendance another day of 17. A total of 19 children experienced day camp & sailing in week 2 this year.

We had two amazing coaches. The Head Coach was Jordan Thompson (Camp Kitchi Alumni) with 9 years of coaching experience. He was teamed up with Brock who did a great job also.

We were lucky to have light winds on Monday and the wind strength grew each day as the sailors became more competent and comfortable. On day 2, the kids were taught how to capsize & upright a boat. On day 3 they learn how to upright a boat that had 'turtled' (completely upside down).  On hot afternoons if they didn't capsize naturally they could ask permission of the coaches and capsize on purpose. They learned how to rig and de-rig a boat, wind direction, sail trim on points of sail, how to sail a triangular course and knot tying. 

On Friday we had winds that were 'honking' as my friend would say 'it could blow big dogs off chains'! I was impressed and amazed how keen the kids were to get out on the water. In the pictures you see some sequences as they tip and upright themselves. I heard Coach Jordy say to Meredith, Pippa & Jordyn, "only 5 minutes left, if you want to capsize before you go in, you better do it now, but do it properly - pull in those sails & go!" And so they did.

Three youth passed their CanSail Level 1, Meredith Medlock, Travis Bean & McCoy - congratulations.

We were supported by great day camp staff of Jeff Hamilton (Director), Jessie and Morgan who fully embraced the sailing program (especially Jessie a talented sailor). Thank you to Board Director Jenny Roy who gives leadership to the day camp program all year long.

If you have any stories to tell or thoughts about what we could do with sailing in 2017 or if you would like some pictures, please feel free to contact me. Al Will, HHA Sailing Coordinator 905-869-8639 or al@alwill.ca