Our sailing week at Day Camp was a huge success, and many thanks to those who helped make it possible!

The last day of sailing camp on Friday July 14 was highlighted with a couple of races. There were five boats racing four of which had three crew and one boat of only two sailors.

The winds were light which creates its own challenges. At the start of one race a boat got its rudder caught on the start line marker/buoy which added extra confusion and fun. Just at the start our skippers and crew did a great job by gybing away from the boat in trouble and then tacking back across the start line. This happens with the best of fleets and sailors.

During the week there were 25 different campers in the day camp with 20 of whom participated in the sailing program. Included in the picture are the two Ontario Sailing coaches Mitch (in Orange) with Cate in front wearing her PFD with Lauren the Camp Director beside Mitch giving the thumbs up for a great week.

This camp wouldn't happen without the generous support from our donors who contributed $6,000 so sailing could be part of our day camp experience at no extra costs for families.

- Al Will, HHA Sailing Coordinator

2017 Sailing School

2017 Sailing School