Do you have old boat batteries laying around the cottage shed? Dried up aerosol cans from that painting project? Empty propane cylinders? 

Now you can safely get rid of that clutter by taking it to one of several Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off locations near Honey Harbour.

The Baxter Transfer Station is the nearest HHW Drop-Off, located at 908 South Bay Road in Port Severn. They accept the following waste items:

Automotive waste - aerosols, antifreeze, auto fluids, brake fluid, cleaners, fuel, lead acid batteries, motor oil, paint and solvents.

Household related waste - all cleaners, batteries, bleach, cooking oil, disinfectants, medicines, paint, polishes, pool/hot tub chemicals, propane campaign cylinders, soaps, stain removers and waxes.

Yard and garden - fertilizers, fungicides, fuel, herbicides, insecticides, oil, rodenticides and pesticides. 

Maintenance related waste - adhesives, caulking, deck cleaner, glues, paints, solvents, stains and wood preservatives.

Mercury products - fluorescent/LED, CFL light bulbs, thermometers and thermostats.

Pharmaceuticals and needles - medicines, pharmaceuticals, needles and sharps packaged in a hard plastic sealed container.

NOTE: smoke detectors should be placed in your regular garbage bin (except the batteries). Microwaves and small metal appliances should be disposed of as scrap metal at any landfill or transfer station. 

For a complete list of drop-off locations and dates in The District of Muskoka, view the PDF.