Renew your ‘Full’ Membership by October 31st to be included in this season’s Winter Patrol Program

Winter Patrol for Full Members of the HHA

The HHA Winter Patrol Program is for ‘Full’ Members and provides up to three winter patrol inspections per year, weather permitting.  

We check for open doors, broken windows, fallen trees, heavy snowfall loads, break-ins and other damage.  Damage reports are sent to cottage owners upon each inspection.

Each Full Member should receive a plastic QR tag that is affixed to their dock or other locations that will be easily visible from the water.  Simply scanning the tag with a smartphone app allows us to track the time and location of the visits and generate a brief report, including a picture of the property to be emailed to our members. In the event of damage, we will be able to provide more extensive reporting to our members.

Please note:  The safety of the our HHA Patrollers is always our primary concern.  Depending on the weather, is not always possible to complete all patrols for every cottage each year.

Also note: to perform an inspection, we must have your Cottage 911# on file so we can locate your cottage.  

View the Past Year's Conditions From the Delawana Resort's Year-Round Web Cam

For questions or other information on the Winter Patrol Program, please email  Or join our email list to get news and updates on our Winter Patrol program.